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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: EDU413
  • Credit points: 9


EDU401 Foundations for Christian teaching and Learning, EDU402 Human Society in the Environment: Platforms and Perspectives for the Christian Educator and EDU403 Language and Literacy Acquisition and Development

The unit Teaching and Learning English is part of the subject area Education and is offered as a part of the following Awards: Master of Teaching (Primary) (Alphacrucis College (NSW Dept. of Education)).

Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

This unit builds on the constructs of EDU403 Language and Literacy Acquisition and Development and pedagogical frameworks introduced in EDU401 Foundations in Christian Teaching and Learning. The unit introduces Pre-Service Teachers to the social construction view of language. A holistic approach is taken to the teaching of language and literacy, where explicit teaching of grammar within a rich language environment will enable the Pre-service teachers to not only compose texts with critical understanding of social contexts but plan and program for the NSW English syllabus Stages 1-3: specifically… how to teach listening and speaking; reading and viewing; writing and the conventions of English language such as spelling; grammar and word usage; punctuation and handwriting as well as literacy learning across the curriculum. Students will also develop a critical theory approach to fiction, non fiction and multimodal texts which may differ from their own Christian worldview. Developing higher order thinking skills in classrooms and critical thinking particularly as it relates to consumer literacy will be addressed. Access to schools through the EDU400 Professional Practice will enhance the Pre-service Teachers resource collection and build their skills in the implementation of the concepts in this unit. Pre- Service Teachers will reflect on how globalisation and societal changes have impacted on the language and literacy skills needed to make meaning and how multiliteracies are influencing the future of teaching.


At the end of the unit the student will be able to:

Subject Content

NSW Syllabus Examination

Pedagogies, Programming and Planning


This course may be offered in the following formats

The program is based on a mixed-mode delivery of: intensive workshops, school visits, teaching experiences and distance learning using web-based on -line discussion, course materials and readings forwarded throughout the semester, and assignments. Updates on workshops and Professional Development events run by Professional Associations and publishers, which Pre-Service teachers can access, will be circulated.

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis College.

Assessment Methods

Minor Assessment- Resource Materials (45%) Due Week 7

Develop an annotated bibliography for a target group (e.g. early adolescence, boys, Indigenous, NESB…) from a designated Stage. This should include: Teacher resources such as lesson and program ideas, set class textbooks, fiction and non-fiction literature, Cd-Rom and Internet sites.

A minimum of 30 resources should be included.


Each resource will need to address the headings: title, author(s), date, publications details, cost(s), sourcing, target group(s), description of the resource and its application, underlying theoretical view of language development and/or teaching and learning theory, a value judgement based on a set of 10 criteria you develop. This should include various Christian worldview criteria).

Collate the information in a multimodal form for sharing with your colleagues.

Hand in a printed copy with the following attached:-

Include an explanation of the 10 criteria you have developed for evaluating resource material showing evidence and justification from writers and researchers in the field of language and literacy development. (500 words)

Major Assessment- Programming and Planning (55%) Due Week 13

Design a three week unit of work (8-10 lessons) with a focus on the teaching and learning of Text forms for Stage 1, 2, or 3 (Identify the Stage chosen).

In your preparation, interview a group of students for whom the unit of work would be suitable, and make explicit reference to your interview data in your statement of Rationale.

Select a pedagogical approach to the teaching of literacy, e.g. thematic, literature-based, integrated, genre-based etc

Using Freebody and Luke’s Model of Reading Comprehension show how the skills of each role can be developed throughout the unit of work. Include Unit of Work Program Overview, lesson plans and assessment tasks including task, NSW Syllabus outcomes and indicators. Include a Rationale to describe how your choice of learning materials and outcomes suit your target group, and ways in which the learning experiences have been scaffolded.

Prescribed Text

Representative References

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