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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: EDU412
  • Credit points: 9

The unit Education, Science, Technology and Change is part of the subject area Education and is offered as a part of the following Awards: Master of Teaching (Primary) (Alphacrucis College (NSW Dept. of Education)).

Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

This unit focuses on the Key Learning Area of Science and Technology with a special emphasis on the use of technology. Pre-service Teachers will explore relevant science and technology content and strategies to develop in primary students: science and technology knowledge, understandings, skills, attitudes and values. The medium for teaching will be through the practical approach, modeling state of the art practice with opportunities for the Pre-service Teacher to research into past and present views of living and non living things, to investigate, collect and record data, as well as manipulate using design and technology skills. It will explore various software applications, such as desk top publishing, multi media production, digital art and design, as well as the Internet, and its application to classroom settings. Pre-service Teachers will be challenged to frame an ethical and responsible approach to emerging technologies. It is anticipated that the they will have an enriched view of society, the environment and the future, and an enthusiasm for teaching and lifelong learning in science and technology. Christian worldview issues discussed in other units (e.g. EDU401 Foundations in Christian Teaching and LearningEDU402 Human Society in the Environment: Platforms and Perspectives for the Christian Educator) will be drawn upon when critiquing syllabus content, methodology and teaching resources.


By the end of the unit students will be able to:

Subject Content

(Note overlap between science concepts and technology will vary according to appropriateness. Integration across KLA’s will be demonstrated)

Scientific concepts and processes:

Information and Communications Literacy

This course may be offered in the following formats

Students will learn through two @ 2 day intensive face to face delivery (lectures and demonstrations, workshops) self directed and mediated computer-work (see Non-Assessed Professional Journal), group work, critical thinking and evaluation of multi-media sites and resources (through on line forums). In particular this unit has a practical hands-on component as it relates to the design and technology elements which they will be implementing in their supervised Teaching Practice (EDU400 Professional Practice). They will experience group projects in which they will apply the ‘plan, design, make and appraise’ processes. Building confidence in computer mediated teaching and learning will be developed as the students learn how to set up and use technology in the classroom (e.g. video conferencing, electronic whiteboards etc). Where students have identified area of need in their own skills (see Test) or ability to teach with confidence (Non-assessed Professional Journal) a range of modules will be placed on the Moodle site which they can access as they progress through the Program (eg. Death by Powerpoint, Developing simple interactive learning resources, Video Editing using free tools, OpenSource and other free software tools for teachers etc).

The Southern Cross College community is designed to enable students and staff to learn about and experience a range of information literacy media.

Christian worldview dimensions will be explored during face to face (intensive) class discussions to examine differing perspectives and equip the Pre-service Teacher to articulate their own position.

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis College.

Assessment Methods

Skills Test (5%) Due Week 13

Professional e-portfolio (30%) Due Week 9

Design a Folder on your desktop which organizes the resources you currently have in your Professional Portfolio (using word processing templates and multimedia including text, images, video etc,) including headings you may wish to use in the future (see EDU400 Professional Practice for examples of evidence for the NSW Institute of Teachers Graduate Standards.

NOTE: Students are to bring this assignment to the second face to face intensive for colleagues to assess one another’s portfolios at this stage in their Program and provide feedback and advice.

Integrated Unit of Work Assessment (65%) Due Week 12

(Group Assignment 3-5 members)


You will be marked on:

Prescribed Text

Representative References