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  • Currently offered by Alphacrucis: Yes
  • Course code: EDU411
  • Credit points: 9


EDU401 Foundations in Christian Teaching and Learning and EDU402 Human Society in the Environment: Platforms and Perspectives for the Christian Educator.

The unit Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is part of the subject area Education and is offered as a part of the following Awards: Master of Teaching (Primary) (Alphacrucis College (NSW Dept. of Education)).

Unit Content

Curriculum Objective

This unit provides a comprehensive overview of key researchers and writers in the field of child and adolescent development (building on EDU403 Language and Literacy Acquisition) providing models of instruction and resources in the health and physical education arena. It specifically focuses on physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional, moral and spiritual development and the application to classroom content and support. This unit provides a comprehensive overview of key researchers and writers in the field of child and adolescent development. Lectures and readings will focus on the philosophical and ethical theories impacting on teaching and promoting health and behavioural change. Students will be encouraged to critique their own Christian worldview and denominational emphases and personal approach to health and fitness. Students will access and critique the health and physical education literature, including research, journals, government documents, computerized data bases, and identify sources and evaluate Internet information. Current and future trends in personal, physical and health developments across societies and cultures, and the role of Christian schools will be addressed. As a Christian teacher, issues around the development and management of children’s moral and spiritual development will be explored. Students will be encouraged to articulate their preferred behavioural management strategies in line with their Christian worldview.


By the end of this unit students should be able to:

Subject Content

Theories of Human development

Nature of Scientific theories, Hereditary Influences on development.

Cognitive Development

Development of Language and Communication skills

Morality, Spirituality and Psychosocial Development

Physical Development

Classroom Application

Current Status of Health and Physical Education

This course may be offered in the following formats

The program is based on a mixed-mode delivery of: Analysis of teaching sessions in Health and Physical Education; Micro teaching of Physical Education skills during the intensive workshops (Integration across the curriculum, including literacy and numeracy connections, where appropriate will be modeled during the intensive); school visits demonstrating best practice or with specialized programs, distance learning using research into human development and resources using web-based on -line discussion (response to set texts, course materials and readings, and assignments).

Please consult your course prospectus or enquire about how and when this course will be offered next at Alphacrucis College.

Assessment Methods

Assessment A (25%-5 Readings @ 5% each) Due Week 12

Online Discussion Forums

Select 5 chapters from the set text and/ or articles from the course reader to critique on-line.

Students should attempt to spread their choice to include one reading from each of the unit categories: Theories of Human Development, Cognitive Development, Development of Language and Communication skills; Morality, Spirituality and Psychosocial Development; and Stress and Mental Disturbance.

Comments should indicate the application of the article to the age group of interest to you or learners with whom you have had some experience. Comments should demonstrate the classroom implications that flow from the content of the article. Comments should also include reference to other students’ responses and your own alignment to them. 300-350 words each. (It is recommended that students select readings from the age group in which they wish to specialise).

Assessment B (35%) Due Week 5

Physical Education Teaching skill development

Select either the following sport i.e. basketball or a sport or physical exercise of your choice. Designate the age group for whom the lessons are targeted, e.g. eight year olds, and provide Rationale for your choice of skill.

Plan a sequence of five lessons focusing on skills as designated in the NSW Syllabus for this age group (e.g. basketball). Your intention is to introduce the skills to the students and by the last lesson the students should be able to play some modified form of a game. Using your knowledge of different types of movement skills, and the value of initial learning under internally paced conditions, build a sequence of five lessons (provide five lesson plans). 

Each lesson will need to address the following:

Assessment C (30%) Due Week 10

Health Education

Health and Personal development lessons often examine issues which can be problematic for the teacher as differing world views jostle for position. Some Christian schools take an overt stand on certain issues which may or may not reflect the beliefs and opinions of each of the staff nor the cultural backgrounds of their learners. Secular schools strive to exemplify a ‘neutral’ position, and legislation exists in some states that can impact on certain products and delivery.

With reference to the personal development and health components of the NSW PDHPE Syllabus, compare and contrast curriculum materials from markedly differing worldviews. Examine the background influences which have resulted in these materials being used in schools. Discuss notions of neutrality, indoctrination and the view that we are not to cause ‘the little ones’ to stumble (Mark 9: 42).

Assessment D (10%) Week 13

Compulsory requirement: Royal Life Saving Certificate, Red Cross First Aid Certificate.

Students are required to show evidence of these qualifications by the end of their 18 month program and will have (Conceded Pass) against EDU411 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education until such time as this component of the Program is completed.

Prescribed Text

Representative References

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