Alphacrucis College

School of Professional Studies

Message from the Director

Our Vision

The School of Professional Studies is one of the key stepping stones for Alphacrucis as it takes its place as a quality provider in the Higher Education sector. The Alphacrucis that we see in the future will have major faculties drawn from its current formative disciplines: Leadership, Business Studies, Education Studies and Studies in Communication.

Graduates can expect to have their professional qualifications recognized internationally as well as benefit from networking opportunities with peers, faculty and visiting professionals. The School of Professional Studies engages with the wider professional bodies and industry to ensure quality and general recognition. It is proud to have key thinkers and innovators on its advisory boards across each of the disciplines, and faculty whose credibility is highly recognized in their field.

What we offer

The Alphacrucis School of Professional Development is still in its early stages of development. We are working with our Advisory Boards on a number of new and unique programs that will change the landscape of Christian Higher Education. We will keep you posted on this page.

We also offer a broad variety of professional development programs; short courses, in-company training and individual coaching. Click on the department links for more info.

What makes us unique?

Ethical paradoxes and dilemmas frequently confront Christian professionals as they seek to stay true to their foundational Christian Worldview in secular, and often economically driven, paradigms. The Alphacrucis School of Professional Studies is committed to equipping its graduates to not only maintain their core values but develop as influential and transformational leaders in their own contexts.

Spiritual formation is a lifelong journey and Alphacrucis provides the learning community where students can strengthen their faith walk, ask the hard questions, share their doubts and fears, benefiting from the supportive and pastoral care culture, regardless of whether they choose face to face or distance/mixed-modal delivery.

The Alphacrucis School of Professional Studies aims to inspire its students, igniting their passion to influence their local and global communities.

Awards offered within the School of Professional Studies