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Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership

Message From Principal Lecturer

Photo of Principal Lecturer, Ian JagelmanWelcome to the Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership program. The GCCL program is designed to be both practical and challenging, addressing your skills, belief systems, and ideas. It is designed to help you to become more reflective about, and gain understanding of, your leadership context.

Fundamental to the content of our leadership units is a distinction between “leadership” and “ministry.” A failure to understand this distinction is at the heart of much confusion and ineffectiveness in Christian Organisations. Without effective leadership the potential of the ministry or professional skills of staff and volunteers is normally wasted or under utilised.

The content of the leadership units cover issues related to identifying potential leaders, levels of complexity within different leadership roles, and how leaders can be effectively developed. In addition to the leadership skills, the program is designed to train you in critical and creative thinking as well as provide you the opportunity to engage issues that relate to Christian ethics.

The GCCL will transform your understanding of leadership and your role as a leader.

Dr. Ian Jagelman
ACA, M.Div, D.Min


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Course Overview

The Alphacrucis Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership (GCCL) is designed to equip professionals with an understanding of Christian Leadership, integrating leadership theories with spiritual principles and pragmatic application. The GCCL provides a unique opportunity to learn from cutting-edge lecturers who are not only academics but also leaders in various Christian contexts ranging from the church to corporate business. The GCCL consists of 4 units, designed to be completed in one semester of full-time study or 1 year of part-time study.  

Who is it For?

With provision for regular as well as professional entry, the GCCL is particularly suitable for those who wish to pursue studies after being in full-time employment for a while. The GCCL is also an entry point to the Alphacrucis Master of Arts (Christian Studies), for those who wish to continue their studies upon completion of the GCCL.

Course Fees

The fees for this course can be found in the Fee Schedule document (by following the Documents link from the Alphacrucis home page). 3 out of the 4 units in the GCCL course are run in Executive Intensive format.

Designed to facilitate an optimum learning environment, the Alphacrucis Executive Intensives are 4 – 5 day long study periods during which students receive all of the lecture-content of a particular unit, face to face. In addition to a variety of guest speakers and specialists that are brought in to enhance the subject content, the Executive Intensives are also fully catered affairs where the students are provided with morning and afternoon teas, buffet lunches, and tea and coffee service throughout the intensive period. We understand that you have a busy lifestyle and that the week you set aside to attend an intensive is a special time of study. Bearing this in mind, we have designed the Executive Intensive be an enjoyable academic experience where you can relax and concentrate on soaking in the lectures without worrying about other logistics. You take care of your studies, and let our hospitality staff take care of you! 

Dr Lily A. Arasaratnam (faculty profile)

Lily A. Arasaratnam is currently the Director of Research at Alphacrucis College. Her primary area of expertise is intercultural communication, particularly intercultural competence, intercultural contact-seeking behaviour, and multiculturalism. Her book Perception and Communication in Intercultural Spaces (University Press of America, 2011) presents "intercultural spaces" as a new framework with which to understand intercultural communication in today's culturally diverse communities. Lily is a co-editor of the 2015 special issue on intercultural communication competence of the International Journal of Intercultural Relations and a member of the editorial board of the Western Journal of Communication and the Journal of Business Management. Lily teaches in the areas of intercultural communication, leadership, and research methodology at Alphacrucis College.  

Dr Ian Jagelman (faculty profile)

Dr Yong-Sun Yang (faculty profile)

Yong-Sun Yang has an academic  training in Mathematics, Economics, Philosophy, and Theology. He was born in South Korea and came to Australia in 1993 after 2 years of study in Japan. He lives in Sydney with his wife, Mi-Hea, three daughters, So-Ra, So-Ri, and Ha-Neul, and one son, Jeong-Hun.

Mr Andrew Youd (faculty profile)

Andrew Youd is married to Nicola, and they both live with their dog in the north western suburbs of Sydney. Andrew graduated with a BTh through Southern Cross College in 2009. He has just recently finished his MaCS and will be graduating May 2014. Andrew is an active member of Hillsong Church, serving with his wife at the Macquarie extension service. Andrew works with Dr. Shane Clifton in the Faculty of Theology. 

Entry Requirements

Academic Entry Requirements

Undergraduate degree from a recognised Australian higher education institution (or equivalent) and at least 3 years of work experience in a leadership role.

Professional Entry Requirements

Five or more years of senior leadership or managerial experience (contact for further information).

Additional Entry Requirements

International Students – In addition to the above criteria, international students must be at least 18 years of age, demonstrate 7.0 IELTS in all bands of the test, and may only enrol in full-time study.


Complete Fee Schedules and FEE-HELP information (where appropriate) for all Alphacrucis courses can be found in our Documents section, under the Fees and FEE-HELP Information link.

Accreditation Details for International Students


Course (Award)

Units offered as part of this Award:

CON401 - Ethics in Context

Description: This unit is designed to explore theological and philosophical bases for ethical decision making, and to facilitate guided reflection on personal morality and societal ethical issues.  The unit intends to emphasise the communal and contextual nature of ethical decision making.    Unit detail page >>

LEA401 - Introduction to Leadership:Past and Present

Description: This unit will look at the role of leadership for Christians today. In light of an understanding of theoretical models of leadership, the student will have opportunity to reflect both theologically and personally on leadership issues and be introduced to foundational leadership theories.   Unit detail page >>

LEA402 - Complexity and Leadership Competencies

Description: This unit is designed to help students to understand the relationship between leadership competencies, the complexity involved in different levels of organizational structures and belief systems.   Unit detail page >>

RES401 - Critical and Creative Thinking

Description: This unit introduces students to the challenges of observation, analysis and deduction, as they relate to the academic endeavour. It introduces the fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative research and the ontological and epistemological implications of these two approaches.    Unit detail page >>

NEW IN 2014: Flexible Online Campus

At Alphacrucis, our global online campus is a popular option for most of our GCCL students. However, we have also realised that with the juggling of family, work and ministry alongside study, added flexibility is always welcome.

Addressing this need, AC will be trialing a new form of online study in the first half of 2014 with our GCCL students – the flexible online campus.

What does this mean? Well, at present, if students want to complete one of their GCCL units via our global online campus, they can only begin in March, August, or late November.

Our new flexible online format will allow you to choose the month when you want to begin your chosen GCCL unit, allowing you to tailor the schedule of your learning program to your life.

Obviously, with any new innovation, questions will follow. If you're interested in finding out more about the flexible online campus, please don't hesitate to have a look at our FAQ page, which addresses common questions students might have.

Otherwise, please feel free to email the flexible online campus director Greta Cornish for more information.