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CHC51712 Diploma of Counselling

Intensive One: 2 - 6 June 2014 - Introduction to Counselling

Intensive Two: 29 August - 3 September 2014

Intensive Three: 2 - 5 November 2014

This course is for domestic students only.

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required to undertake generic counselling work involving skills and knowledge in counselling and high level communication in a range of commonly used modalities, referral and working within a case management framework.


CHCCM503C Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management
CHCCS514B Recognise and respond to individuals at risk
CHCCSL501A Work within a structured counselling framework
CHCCSL502A Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills
CHCCSL503B Facilitate the counselling relationship
CHCCSL504A Apply personality and development theories
CHCCSL505A Apply learning theories in counselling
CHCCSL506A Apply counselling therapies to address a range of client issues (Note pre-requisite CHCCSL502A)
CHCCSL507B Support clients in decision-making processes
CHCCSL508B Apply legal and ethical responsibilities in counselling practice
CHCCSL509A Reflect and improve upon counselling skills (Note pre-requisites CHCCSL501A, CHCCSL503B, CHCCSL507B)
CHCCSL512A Determine suitability of client for counselling services
HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS processes
CHCCS403C Provide brief intervention
CHCCS426B Provide support and care relating to loss and grief
MINTHE504A Promote a Pentecostal worldview


72 weeks

Entry Requirements


English ability will need to be at the IELTS 7.0 (International English Language Testing System) level or higher, since written and oral forms of communication are an important part of the course. IELTS is the preferred test for English proficiency; however, results of other testing systems may be also be accepted. Students must show certified proof of their proficiency or proof of having passed an English Language Test in the last two years.

Academic Entry Requirements

To gain entry into CHC51712 Diploma of Counselling it is recommended that candidates
have sufficient relevant work experience to indicate likely success at this level of
qualification in a job role involving:
- The self-directed application of knowledge with substantial depth in some areas
- The exercise of independent judgement and decision-making
- The application of relevant technical and other skills.

The course will be available for those students who are 21 years or older.

Fees – 2013

Local Students: AU$7050.00

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