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CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry

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This is not just any music training course. 

From worship directors and pastors, to instrumentalists and vocalists, this innovative program is designed to equip those involved in worship music for their unique ministry.

Delivered online, this nationally recognised qualification is suitable for those at all levels of musicianship, including those who have no previous formal vocal or instrumental training.

Participants of CUA30915 Certficate III in Music Industry will learn invaluable performance and improvisation techniques; as well as improve their song writing, chart reading , arranging, recording and music directing skills.  they will also gain a critical understanding of the music industry, musical genres and copyright.


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11 Units are required to complete this award

  • 4 core units
  • 7 elective units (choose from 9 available compulsory elective units and elective units)

Core Units

BSBWHS201             Contribute to health and safety of self and others

CUACMP301             Implement copyright arrangments

CUAIND303               Work effectively in the music industry

CUAMLT302              Apply knowledge of style and genre to music industry practice


Compulsory Elective Units

MINPAS408A              Work in a ministry team

MINTHE404A             Promote a Christian worldview

CUAMCP303              Develop simple music pieces using electronic media

CUAMPF302              Prepare for performances

CUAMPF305              Develop improvisation skills

CUAMPF301              Develop technical skills in performance


Elective Units

CUAMCP302                Write song lyrics

CUAMPF304                Make a music demo

CUAMPF203                Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music



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Rev. Dr. Daniel Thornton (faculty profile)

Daniel Thornton: accomplished and awarded songwriter, musician and worship leader, sought-after minister and educator.  He is the world's leading expert on contemporary congregational songs.  He is the Head of Deparment, Music and Creative Arts at Alphacrucis College, and serves local churches and their worship teams around the globe as well as being engaged as a professional composer and performer.
From 2007 - 2010, Daniel served as the Music Pastor at Paradise Community Church (Adelaide, South Australia) and previously as the Worship and Associate Pastor at North Shore Christian Centre in Sydney Australia for over 8 years.
He regularly produces/records and releases Worship CDs/DVDs including Christmas Presence, For Worshipers, from Worshipers, Daniel|Piano|Worship Classics 2, It is Well - Instrumentals (2011)Worship Classics (2010), Above All Else (2010), One Heart (2009), Worship Always (2009), Paradise(2008), It is Well - Vol 2(2007), It is Well - Vol 1(2006), Beyond Words (2004), and many more. Some of these recordings/performances are featured weekly on the NSCC TV show LifeSource and the Paradise TV shows.
His songs are sung in churches around the world including “Father”, “Come into the House” and “Presence Beautiful”. Daniel’s passion is to connect people with God and see the church rise to its fullest potential.
Daniel has performed a starring role on in an Off-Broadway premiere at the Duke Theatre on 42nd Street, New York of the new musical "Angels".  His recent starring roles in musical theatre productions also include, Godspell, !Hero and The Prodigal.
Six years at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a music scholarship to London provided much of Daniel's formal training. During that time, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and other prestigious ensembles performed his compositions. After completing his studies, Daniel was appointed Music Director for Penrith Christian Fellowship Centre, then Penrith City Church and later Worship Pastor at C3 Mt Annan.
Daniel is an ordained minister with the Australian Christian Churches.  His formal qualifications include Ph.D., M.Music Technology (Distinction), A.Arts (Religious Studies), L.Mus.A. (Theory), Performers Certificate T.C.L. (Piano) and a Cert IV Training and Assessment.
He has owned and run two private music schools, and also lectured for many years at a number of colleges including Hillsong College and the Paradise College of Ministry.
Daniel and his wife Kris have been married for 23yrs and have 3 teenage children.

Entry Requirements


English ability will need to be at the IELTS 5.5 (International English Language Testing System) level or higher, since written and oral forms of communication are an important part of the course (

Academic Entry Requirements


Fees ★

Local Students: AU$2640.00
International Students: AU$3465.00

Complete Fee Schedules and FEE-HELP information (where appropriate) for all Alphacrucis courses can be found in our Documents section, under the Fees and FEE-HELP Information link.

Important: The total cost is based on students enrolling in the complete course or qualification for the standard delivery stream on offer. Fees are actually set on a per unit level, so that the total cost of an award is [number of units in award] x [cost of units]. Accordingly, the total cost of an award will vary depending on the units chosen. International students are required to enrol in the complete course or qualification. The fees are subject to change. Please contact Alphacrucis for an up to date fee schedule.

Australian Skills Quality Authority Information

  • Legal name: Alphacrucis College Limited
  • RTO National code: 90525

Units offered as part of this Award:

BSBWHS201 - Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Description: "WHS is boring" I hear you say?  Well I won't try and tell you it's the most riveting unit you'll do... BUT if you ask the guitarist who had a lighting rig fall on his head during a rehearsal, or ask the veteren drummer about his substantial hearing loss... WHS suddenly seems a little more important.  In fact, it's crucial, hence the reason it's a core unit!  This unit will help you gain the knowledge and skills to function safely in the world of music, musical equipment and music performance. Unit detail page >>

CUACMP301 - Implement copyright arrangements

Description: Copyright is an issue for every church and every musician/singer that plays, performs, records, communicates, copies or listens to music!!!  It is essential to understand the laws that protect consumers and producers of music.  This module presents a potentially complicated subject in simple but comprehensive terms. Unit detail page >>

CUAIND303 - Work effectively in the music industry

Description: Work, whether voluteered or paid, is ALL about relationships!  This unit addresses the roles and responsibilities of people you are dealing with (or will have to deal with) as a musician/singer.  Communication skills, negotiation skills and an understanding of relevant contracts/agreements will all be addressed in a profoundly practical and helpful manner. Unit detail page >>

CUAMCP302 - Write song lyrics

Description: Can anyone write lyrics?  Should lyrics not be judged because they are personal expressions of the lyricists thoughts and feelings? or should lyrics be rigorously assessed for their doctrinal accuracy and relevance?  Lyric-writing CAN be taught.  This unit looks at both the underlying questions of why lyrics exist, as well as the very practical ways in which writers can hone their thoughts and ideas into powerful and profound song words. Unit detail page >>

CUAMCP303 - Develop simple musical pieces using electronic media

Description: Technology abounds to capture our musical creations!  You never need lose that "great hook" or "brilliant riff" again!  Learn how to use (or better use) technology to record music in this unit. Unit detail page >>

CUAMLT302 - Apply knowledge of style and genre to music industry practice

Description: How easily we can get stuck in our musical habits!  Gaining a broad knowledge of musical genres and styles allows you to be more flexible as a musician/singer.  It also allows you to connect with a much broader array of audiences.  This unit will stretch your appreciation of possible musical genres and hopefully inspire you to branch out on occaision! Unit detail page >>

CUAMPF203 - Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music

Description: This is the starting point for playing effectively in a band or ensemble.  It's not just enough to know your instrument/voice... there are specific skills that make people WANT to work with you!  You'll learn them here. Unit detail page >>

CUAMPF301 - Develop technical skills in performance

Description: This is the start of some more formal development for your voice or instrument of choice.  Dive on in!  There's no time like the present!! Unit detail page >>

CUAMPF302 - Prepare for performances

Description: Great performances and not by chance.  Great preparation makes a significant difference to the final performance.  In this unit you will develop the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to prepare for performances effectively and efficiently. Unit detail page >>

CUAMPF304 - Make a music demo

Description: Music demos play a vital role in the introduction of new songs, the workshopping of new songs, rehearsal recordings and recordings for review.  Develop best practice in the preparation and execution of making your music demos. Unit detail page >>

CUAMPF305 - Develop improvisation skills

Description: Improvisation skills are SO important to music in a church context.  You will find this comprehensive introduction to understanding and developing improvisation skills enormously useful on a regular basis.  Gain confidence and knoweldge with this unit. Unit detail page >>