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AC: Alphacrucis College

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About AC Research

Alphacrucis is committed to active research in the core disciplines of Theology, Business, and Education. Within these, our faculty members engage in research in a variety of fields such as Old and New Testament studies, Spirituality, Theology, Leadership, Economics, Music, Pastoral Ministry, Accounting, Education, History, and Communication.

AC Research exists to facilitate, coordinate and promote a culture of research and innovation at Alphacrucis, with the goal of producing outputs that are beneficial to the respective academic disciplines, to the church, and to society at large. This is done through activities such as hosting the Biennial International Conference , Colloquia, Research Roundtables, and Australasian Pentecostal Studies Centre, to name a few. Additionally, our faculty actively participate in national and international organisations related to their individual disciplines. AC Research also provides resources for HDR students.

As an exciting new initiative, AC Research now has a new outlet called Crucis in which ideas generated by AC Research activities are made available to the wider public in accessible shorter articles and audio talks.

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