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Dr Van Shore – PhD, MTH

Academic Faculty
Lecturer/Campus Director

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Dr Van Shore
Lecturer/Campus Director

Van is a member of the School of Christian Studies, and specialises in the following areas: Biblical Studies.


Van is married to Heazle and they have two adult children, Ben married to Lani and Amy married to Seng.  Van loves to laugh and celebrate with others their uniqueness in God and enjoys walking, bird watching, tennis and good food. He has almost 20 years of pastoral ministry and teaching experience, including two years in Bangkok where he wrote his second book, prior to joining the staff at the Alphacrucis College.  Van serves at the Alphacrucis Brisbane Campus as Campus Director and Senior Lecturer. 

Research Interests

Exegetical work on the New Testament, particularly with an emphasis on the Gospels, Paul and the book of Revelation.  Other areas of research which stimulate examination within a Theological frame, relate to Christian Identity and Christian Spirituality. This is especially related to the dual emphasis on Pneumatology and Christology in the context of a beliver and the Christian community. 

Academic Qualifications


PhD (University of QLD)
Dissertation Title Ears to Hear in the Book of Revelation


MTH (University of QLD)
Dissertation Title More Than a Prophet: John the Baptizer

Selected Publications

Book — Published in 2013


Dr Vangjel Shore, 2013 THE ART OF NOT GETTING LOST ON THE WAY HOME , River Publishing & Media Ltd, Barham Court, Maidstone, Kent: United Kingdom - ISBN 978-1-908393 -31-9

Extract: Long, long before our time, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah found himself with the assignment of mediating between God and Israel. Admittedly that’s what prophets should be doing anyway, nonetheless his assignment was unenviable. Although God was fully aware of Israel’s predicament, she was lamenting that he had forgotten her, rejected her and exiled her to Babylon. Therefore, Isaiah had to represent both the claimant and God. What we soon discover is that God has left himself wide open to the exile’s accusations and vilifications. Exiles are characteristically stripped of all else except speech. What exiled so is to speak their mother tongue…as a way to maintain identity in a situation that is identity denying (pp.29-30)

Book — Published in 2011


Dr Vangjel Shore, 2011, THE ART OF NOT DISAPPEARING, River Publishing & Media Ltd Barham Court, Maidstone, Kent: United Kingdom. ISBN 978 -908393-11-1

Extract: Self disclosure can be a pretty scary thing. In fact, it can also be very painful. However, if it inspires and informs then truly nothing is ever wasted. In 2009 my wife and I were in Cambodia. It was our thirty-third wedding anniversary. I asked God to tell me what I had learned from my wife throughout our married life. The response or impression which I received was almost immediate: Heazle has taught you how not to disappear. I was startled and disturbed. Precisely what that expression meant is the impetus for the creation of the book that is in your hands” (p.9)

Book Chapter — Published in 2010


Dr Vangjel Shore, 2010, “The Titles of Jesus” (Ch. 17: pp:417-436), in THE CONTENT AND SETTING OF THE GOSPEL TRADITION, Mark Harding & Alana Nobbs, (Eds.), William B Eerdmans Publishing Company: Grand Rapids, Michigan. ISBN 978-0-8028-3318-1

Extract: At a critical juncture in his ministry, Jesus asked his disciples who they were and the people thought he was (see Mk 8:27-30; Matt 16:13-20; Lk 9:18-20). Various answers were given. The titles listed in Mk 8:28-29 - “John the Baptist,” “Elijah”, “one of the prophets,” the “Christ” - are not by any means the only ones conferred upon Jesus in the New Testament (NT). No one of these titles could do justice to all the aspects of his person and mission. Each of them reveals only one particular aspect of the wealth of conviction about Jesus that is found in the NT”. (p:417)

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Monday 12-9 pm
Tuesday-Friday 7:30 am- 3:30 pm

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